Wedding FAQs

What’s my style?  I tell stories. Your stories. My favorite images have always been the unscripted ones, the funny ones, the touching ones. I like to keep it simple. I want you to look back through you images and see the moments as they were, and not see what I did to them in Photoshop. I believe in fun, romance and love. I believe that what I do is personal. I believe in friendships and that my clients are not just names on a contract. It’s the always been the little things that matter the most.  It’s the time you spent designing your stationary or an impromptu dance with your grandad. I never want to interrupt a moment. I never pose situations that are already so magical on their own. I am an observer most of the time and only interfere when it’s wanted to achieve a particular artistic vision. The majority of my images are completely natural and un-posed.

How many photos will I get?  Typically, you will receive 50-100 images for each hour of coverage.

When can I expect my photos and how will I get them?  You should receive your images within six weeks of your event date. Your images will be delivered digitally using a great little service called PASS – it’s an online gallery that allows you to view, print and share your images with friends and family.

You can just Photoshop that out, right?  First, let me say that every image you receive will be edited. I will personally go through the images from our session, select the best, and edit them for proper exposure, color balance and minor improvements. Photoshop is a truly fabulous tool, but it doesn’t fix everything, and usually you can tell when something has been heavily edited. I prefer to get an image right in the camera, which is why I’ve devoted so much of my education and time into learning my equipment, lighting and technique.

Why are you so expensive?  I know what you’re thinking, “You’re asking me to fork over all that money for one day?!” Well, for me, it’s not just one day. Your wedding day is a small part of what the package price covers. I have expensive equipment to maintain, insurance, taxes to pay, storage costs, software costs and all the time I spend before and after a wedding editing and managing every detail. For a more detailed description of what it takes to be a fulltime photographer, check out my blog post here.

What should I do with my images after the wedding?  Print them! Don’t just let them sit on your hard drive or on a disc in a drawer somewhere. I speak from experience. My wedding photos sat in a drawer for more than two years of my marriage before having an album made. You can order 8×12 or smaller prints directly from your PASS gallery, however, I also offer custom albums and framed prints.